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„Hopefully, this film is coming just in time in the middle of political turmoil around the world where people want to know what is really going on. That is what this film is all about and on this score, I hope it will be the catalyst for serious reform and change.“
Martin Armstrong

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interview by on june 2015 in Barcelona

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Martin Armstrong's meticulously researched and developed Economic Confidence Model has enormous implications for the world. At one point, everyone from Goldman Sachs to the CIA and FBI wanted it. Armstrong and his team at Princeton Economics took extreme measures to protect the algorithm and the computers it resided on.

Seeing the patterns of ancient civilizations like Rome repeated over and over gave Martin Armstrong the historical perspective to see the cycles in confidence and the economy. Using historical records, he predicts the path of modern society, and it isn’t rosy.

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The documentary The Forecaster tells the story of infamous financial advisor Martin Armstrong. Armstrong’s economic forecasts and their interconnections with world events financial and political are complex and astonishing. The online platform The Forecaster – Interactive examines the myriad of topics and relationships of the film in depth, connecting them with current events and politics.

The interactive timeline places the central events of Martin Armstrong’s life — including his controversial economic forecasts — in their political and historical context. Viewers can explore the timeline on their own and look for the answers to the questions that the film raises. The platform is organized around Armstrong’s forecasts but goes beyond them. It includes many significant financial and world events of the past. The platform also includes the present and the near future — as befits a site about forecasting and predictions. It might even give visitors an answer to the most pressing question: are the forecasts true?


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